Author Topic: Collin Balester Q&A - January 3, 2010 (Completed)  (Read 32731 times)

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Thanks for giving a bit of your time to talk to people who are crazy enough to debate the batting order on Christmas Eve.

First, and I realize this isn't a 1 sentence answer question: How does traveling with the team affect the player's families? Especially for guys with options, how do they deal with callups?

Also, I picked up that book "Getting Focused, Staying Focused" mentioned in one of the interviews, as I feel like it should be applicable to people in many fields (we'll see), to help me focus in my work. I'll probably post a review here.

Anyway, Tom mentioned pilates as one "out of the box" training technique, and it would seem Eastern philosophy is another. What else do you guys do to prepare that would surprise us? Tom Emanski's defensive drills?