Author Topic: Collin Balester Q&A - January 3, 2010 (Completed)  (Read 36164 times)

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Hey Collin, three things ...

1. Just sayin', I had a Twitter conversation with you a couple weeks ago about how I have 4 Twitter accounts, and you said you wouldn't want to have multiple Twitters ... bet your Stache is glad you changed your mind!

2. Want to say, down here in Houston, TX, I've only ever been to 3 Nationals games (all at Minute Maid), and the three starting pitchers I saw were Joel Hanrahan (W), Odalis Perez (L), and Shawn Hill (Joel H. also pitched in that game - and lost it - it was a heartbreaker, Stros hit a homer in the bottom of the 9th). Those games were August 2007 and May 2008. Another guy on this forum, DPM Omaha, hasn't ever seen you guys play, if I remember correctly, unless you were in the College World Series... So just want to say, you have fans outside of D.C., and we're rooting for ya. And if any of these spoiled guys get to whining about stuff, just tell them to move to Houston where they can't see y'all at all. :D

3. Any models for where you want the Stache to go? Any guys whose Staches are role models? Just gonna let it grow a life of its own?

Tomorrow when you come back, I'll have some actual questions, maybe even about baseball. :D