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Re: Food and How you Cook/Eat it.
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Brown rice reheats pretty well if you reheat it gently. Before you store it in the fridge, drain it well so that the liquid doesn't ferment.

Reheat it gently after sprinkling some water on it (I literally get my hand wet then "fling" it at the rice wit my fingers to spread the water evenly over the top of the rice).

If you have a Trader Joe's around, they make all sorts of simmer sauces that you can use with chicken. It adds variety.

Meal replacement shakes are a ripoff, but I understand the desire for an easy meal. Know what's easier? A piece of fruit and some unsweetened yogurt (I sweeten mine myself, with a level teaspoon of sugar - just slightly. The commercially sweetened stuff is way, way too sweet). Or put the yogurt in a blender with frozen fruit, some flax seed and a couple tablespoons of whey powder.  My son gets through wrestling season that way.

I've heard - and I believe - that an excellent way to eat healthier is to eat more times per day - and eat fruits or veggies with *every* meal or snack.

I'm gonna cook a weeks worth of chicken for lunches at work.  It should keep for 5 days cooked, right?

What do I do about sides?  I bought some brown rice, does it reheat ok?  How long would it keep after cooked.  It takes 40-50 minutes to cook so I'd need to cook a few days worth at a time since I don't have 50 minutes each day before work to spend cooking rice.  I've got frozen green beans to go with it.

I haven't thought about seasoning the chicken.  I've got at least a 2 week supply in the freezer.  This week I'm probably going to just use salt, pepper, and garlic powder.  Or maybe doused in hot sauce.  That jerk paste sounds awesome though, I'll have to look for that.

I need to eat more meals though.  This schedule of wake up, a few errands, work, "lunch", work, dinner, study, isn't working.  2 big meals a day isn't conducive for fat loss it seems.  Six small meals a day is the best, but how can you find time to eat that much and that often!?

I'm trying some "meal replacement shakes" at first for 2 of the meals :spaz: I hope they taste ok.