Author Topic: Food and How you Cook/Eat it (2009-2012)  (Read 64319 times)

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Re: Food and How you Cook/Eat it.
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My great-grandmother used to can the hell out of stuff.  I swear she was prepared for world war 3 with the amount of stuff she would can every summer.  And she used to make the best damn pickles.  I miss those pickles :|
I hope to become like your grandmother one day... gardening and preserving are awesome. My grandmother also has a ton of canned items in her basement, and it's awesome (though probably not as much as your gran). I love her pears - I don't really like pears raw but I love them canned!

I'm hoping to learn from her this summer. Good excuse to visit  :P

I also need to learn how to make spicy pickled radishes - it's an asian recipe and it's really awesome. I'll have to ask my friends' parents.