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Re: Food and How you Cook/Eat it.
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A member of our forum, Lorax (Beth) lives in Ecuador. She's the editor of our Journal. Here's her reply:

Short, fat, sweet, creamy bananas in South and Central America usually belong to the Sucrier subgroup. What I'd call "Oritos."

From The Food
'Orito,’ meaning ‘little gold’, is the Ecuadorian name for what in Europe are generally known as ‘baby bananas’. Because the orito originated Ecuador it is less vulnerable to disease than the mainstream banana varieties developed in laboratories. Oké oritos are grown organically and have a sweeter, more intense flavour and firmer flesh than ordinary bananas. Oritos are best eaten when they are very ripe, a golden yellow colour freckled with brown spots.

A pic from Lorax:

The 'Oritos' are in the center.