Author Topic: Food and How you Cook/Eat it (2009-2012)  (Read 64395 times)

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Re: Food and How you Cook/Eat it.
« Topic Start: December 31, 2009, 02:03:51 AM »
A lot of times I don't use a recipe.  I'll just throw stuff in that I think will taste good.  It usually comes out good.

Like one time my friends were over and we were drinking wine.  I was going to make some tortellini that I usually just put melted butter and parmasan in it instead of a sauce.  But I had some red bell pepper and baby portabella mushrooms so I sauted them.  Threw in some garlic and red pepper flakes.  As I was cooking and drinking a glass of Cabernet, I thought what the hell, and poured some of that in the veggies and reduced it.  Mixed it all with the tortellini.  I got rave reviews, of course they were 3 drunk hungry guys, but I thought it tasted great.