Author Topic: Nats have 26th best farm system according to SI  (Read 1882 times)

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Re: Nats have 26th best farm system according to SI
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Jordan Zimmermann before the injury. I like Craig Stammen. He can be a solid Major League pitcher.

Do you realize the state this franchise was in 2005/2006? Our top prospects included guys like Mike Hinckley, Larry Broadway, and Kory Casto. Just let that sink in and compare it to what we have today.

Obviously it took a while for things to turn around but within the next year or so you really are going to see guys make an impact in the Majors for us.

We have a lot of pitchers in the High Minors eager for their chance to pitch in the Pros.

Here's to hoping guys like Balester, Detwiler, Martis, Meyers, Mandel, etc who all pitched in AA or AAA last year put it all together this year and blossom into the pitchers that they are capable of being.