Author Topic: Nats have 26th best farm system according to SI  (Read 2537 times)

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Re: Nats have 26th best farm system according to SI
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emphasis on star power. whatever. We have two pitchers that will be in the Majors sometime this year and both have "Star Power". How many other teams have an Ace and Closer in waiting?

I'd rather have depth anyways than "Star Power". If those "stars" don't pan out and you don't have depth then you are freaked. 

In a system like ours' we a ton of depth, specifically in starting pitchers. I just rattled off a quick list of 17 starters in our system. Even if only 5 (less than 33%) of them pan out that will be big for us.

I'll call you on that.

Since 2005 exactly one pitcher from the Nats farm system has turned into a respectable major leaguer. John Lannan.

That's much less that 33%.