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Re: The Concert Thread
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JCA-CCIC.  Went with the Gallery level seats rather than field or lower level.  Tinge of regret now.  Section 306 is heavenly, perhaps too heavenly.  I'm too old for the field, although I'm guessing most of his fans are too old for the field.  Lower seating bowl would have been the right play, I think.  A little elevation might help to see the stage. But nighttime, Bruce, and a view of the Capitol from the ramps isn't bad.

I got six in Sec. 128 (behind Nats dubout) for $122 (with charges) each. I just went with the best available and since I'm not an experienced online concert buyer, I was afraid to keep searching and ending up with crappy seats.

I know I might get pummeled for saying this, I'm not that super excited about seeing Bruce. I was really into him in HS and must have seen a couple of dozen of his shows from 1975-79. From North Carolina to Connecticut. I just feel like that was a special period in my life and I can't recapture that. Besides I don't like his new stuff that much.:~)

I will probably just sell the tix to friends at face value. Or maybe I'll go. Don't know yet.