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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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rescued from the bottom of the last page :rant:



won't be stone cold's shield b/c he's not a heel.

won't be rock's shield b/c they would never plug him (or stone cold) with a stable these days.

i know punk has said it isn't his, even though he's benefited from their services.

again, it could be they really are just acting on their own (which i have thought all along), but it's still fun to know there's that chance someone has them going out there (like a mcmahon or another sleeper candidate).

I think it would be cool if they were acting on their own. It is fun to see them bash the injustice that is Cena, Ryback, Brodus Clay, and others. But that imref swerve would be interesting. At least I hope they do something like that if The Shield was actually representing someone.

In other news: We need more Brad the "Mad Ox" Maddox. I remember the Shield came out during one of his matches and beat up on the opponent... since it was unfair for Brad Maddox to be put into squash matches.