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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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So here's a scenario:
- Punk loses to Rock
- Ryback vs. Punk on the following raw
- Shield comes out, assaults Ryback
- Punk cheers, but suddenly the Shield turns on Punk and gives him the triple power bomb
- Camera cuts to a smiling Heyman
- Storyline is that Heyman had hired the Shield to protect Punk's title, but now that Punk isn't champion, he's done with Punk and is now managing the Shield
- WM match: Ryback & Punk vs. Shield

I like the idea but that doesn't sound like Heyman. I've never seen him as much of a "snake" as this portrays him but, hey, it's a pretty awesome swerve and would be great to see. Not sure how I feel about that WM match though. I was hoping they somehow bring Austin back. Think about Punk facing Rock AND Austin within three months of each other.

I was pretty critical of the roster a year ago... One hour of Raw was squash match after squash match. And that was when Raw was two hours. The past few months, though, have been very intriguing. Barrett, Ziggler, Cesaro, Bryan, Shield (Rollins, Raines, and AMBROSE!!!), and Ryback have all been improving. They are going to be up there with Punk, Orton, Cena, Show, ADR, and Kane. Once the tag titles go to Rhodes Scholars and then whoever after, Rhodes and Sandow will be thrown into the mix. I think the Miz and Kofi are good competitors as well. Big E should get a match... all of this walking around with Ziggler and AJ thing isn't really doing anything.

With all of this talent that they've been gaining, I really think we could have something. I just wish they had better writing. Most of the promos and some of the matches have been brutal to watch. However, this past Monday night was very good. Most of the wrestlers that I mentioned above were featured... or I think all of them were, actually.