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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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That "dismissive promo" with Ziggler is exactly what Ziggler needs.  I like Dolph Ziggler - A LOT - but he needs a crap-load of work and that promo proved it.  Workers like Ziggler will overcome that sort of thing if they've really got what it takes to be a main-eventer. 

The WWE is a different company now - they don't mask that it's a show any more.  If you want "verisimiltude" you need to watch RoH. 

You know what the difference in Rock/Punk and Rock/Cena is? One is a wrestling angle with two characters fighting about wrestling things, and making for a hot feud. The other was about two petty individuals that would rather tear each other down personally than sell tickets. One has already proved to be better TV than any moment from the prior feud.