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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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It's a show... with a character that does everything possible to bring you out of it.. wouldn't it stand to reason that you'd do better not belittling your other characters with the facial expressions of one man? You're only as strong as your weakest link... and when he tears down the superstars on the rise with a dismissive promo, he does the company more harm than good.

That "dismissive promo" with Ziggler is exactly what Ziggler needs.  I like Dolph Ziggler - A LOT - but he needs a crap-load of work and that promo proved it.  Workers like Ziggler will overcome that sort of thing if they've really got what it takes to be a main-eventer. 

The WWE is a different company now - they don't mask that it's a show any more.  If you want "verisimiltude" you need to watch RoH.