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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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He's drastically reduced what you refer to as "smirking" through promos to which most people actually don't mind.  Cena didn't smirk at all in the Ziggler/AJ New Year's Eve promo.  Dude's constantly pushed despite what fans perceive as a slight to other guys in the locker room.  Cena is a class act who also realizes that this is a show and the days of "believability" are over.  If you want REALISM you're welcome to watch the garbage on TNA.  If you want classic "Attitude Era" WWF style you can watch Ring of Honor.

Cena jobbed to the Undertaker, The Rock, HHH and CM Punk when the company asked him to and did so despite a huge build-up in each case. 

You just keep pushing those tired acts of the likes of Ryback.  Haterz gonna hate.

It's a show... with a character that does everything possible to bring you out of it.. wouldn't it stand to reason that you'd do better not belittling your other characters with the facial expressions of one man? You're only as strong as your weakest link... and when he tears down the superstars on the rise with a dismissive promo, he does the company more harm than good.