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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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York vs. RVD was pretty good.  I like what WWE is doing with their younger guys, but I still don't think they come close to matching the in-ring product of TNA.  Roode, Aries, Hardy, Styles, Daniels, Storm, & Angle can out-work anyone in WWE except Danielson and Punk IMHO.

Daniel Bryan is the best all-around wrestler in the game right now.

His in-ring persona is top-notch and just so natural.  While the current gimmick is hilarious, he has so much depth he can pull off anything and make it work.  As for his skills, he is regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. 

Punk too.  I like the TNA guys you mentioned, but obviously WWE is the biggest stage, so WWErs get more pub and love.