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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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Here's my complaint.

Cena gets beat on all match... he's taking the beating as he should... then he hulks up, five moves of doom, runs around as if he hasn't been taking a beating for 20 minutes and boom, match over.

This isn't 1990 again. You can't just shake off 20 minutes of a beat down like it never happened and run the ropes at full strength. That's Cena's main problem... once he fires into his comeback, it's like the prior events of the match never occurred.

There are so very few guys who sell for an entire match now anyways.  HBK was the same, Austin, The Rock, all the same.  And how about that CM Punk v. Jericho match last night?  I don't find it to be as egregious as some folks do and if anything it makes me appreciate the guys who do it well even more. 

FWIW, I think Ziggler is the best seller out there right now.