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So you just said he no-sold the promo. It doesn't matter if its The Rock/Dwayne, Punk, Jericho, Taker, HHH, whomever.... If the guy in the ring refuses to sell the promo and instead sits there with a smirk on his face, the promo won't get over regardless of what the content is.

He didn't sell the Dwayne promo because Dwayne Johnson isn't a WWE superstar.  If you can't tell the difference between the "history lesson" promos cut by The Rock and the incident in the ring last night with Dwayne then I cannot help you.  He sold The Rock, he punked Dwayne - which, by the way, is the gimmick.  The fans want The Rock and the "Prep-School Thug."  One guy plays the part, the other does not. 

And Cena sells on everyone else.