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Re: Pro Wrestling Nostalgia Thread
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mark my words.

6 months from now, Jack Swagger turns on Zeb Colter and embarks on a 10 year career as the new Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

super-extra-over Patriotic Face, a title here and there, but no real significant title reigns.

I think it will be longer than six months.  It should be able to work as long as a Democrat is President.

i think he'd take that.

i am just going on what i've seen and what i've heard ... in that his in-ring work as a grappler is solid, but obviously needs to improve on his mic work.  but i think this is a good step. 


I think Lesnar has proven that a guy doesn't need good mic skills as long as he can kick ass.  Lesnar works as long as Heyman works and Swagger can work as long as Coulter works (as long as Coulter WORKS).