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Re: Have a seat at the bar.
« Reply #200: December 26, 2009, 10:55:32 AM »
Careful with that kind of talk :nono:

Malbec is really, really good.

Agreed, Malbec is very good.

For people who are not accustomed to tasting wines, (and I'm no expert) one has to be careful on how the wine is tasted before drawing conclusions.  Some foods really clash with wines, and ruin the taste.  For example, salt is bad.  Salty peanuts would be a terrible thing to have in your mouth upon tasting wine.  Also, beer or other spirits on the palate can also color your taste of the wine.  Toothpaste residual flavor is another kiss of death.

That's why many people serve cheese and crackers with wine, the flavors are complimentary and the cheeses tend to stamp out bad clashing flavors.

Back to South America, in addition to Malbec varietals, I've also become very fond of another obscure one, Carmenere.  Here's a comparison between the two:

Here's one of my current favorites, about $12 at Total Wine.  Jammed with flavor: