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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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I am trying to be positive in a bad situation.  Hopefully some of the younger pitchers can learn and improve.  I don't think the everyday players are as bad as some here post.  Maybe a new manager can get  the Nationals heading in the right direction. 

i tried to last offseason going into this year, but i'm not buying that crap anymore.  we've played better in the second half of the season than we did in the first, but that's b/c acta was pattersoned (thank god) and rizzo has done his best in trying to clean up bowden's dump.

i know i'm a broken record when i say we need to go hard after plenty of quality free agents this next offseason, but really that's all i can say right now as we have glaring needs. 

the one thing i'm positive about, is that we're gonna suck next year too.