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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 2
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Bergmann is not a Major League pitcher no matter how you spin it.

When is it safe to use him? In blowouts only?

<NOTLD>It's time to finally rid ourselves of the beachball in the offseason. long overdue. </NOTLD>

:clap: You, PC, and others advocated bringing Bergmann back. you don't remember that conversation?

As I said then and maintain now, the backend of every bullpen is Jason Bergmann.   The problem, like tomterp just implied, the rest of the bullpen stinks too.

And that's ultimately the problem.  If everyone else is bad then Jason Bergmann can't be the 7th pitcher in a 7 pitcher bullpen.  He can't assume his rightful position because someone else is already there.  :roll:

What other 7th pitcher in a 7 pitcher bullpen could you use in that situation, bases loaded against the Phillies in that bandbox?  That's not the place where you use that kind of pitcher, period.  The manager has to know that.

Whoever the 7th pitcher in our bullpen is next year, he won't be very good.  That's how you become the 7th pitcher in a 7 pitcher bullpen.