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Re: The Bryce Harper Watch
« Reply #200: April 13, 2010, 12:28:29 PM »
I'd say you're right. I'm pretty confident in my source, but it is still a few weeks from the draft. The way it was told to me, though, is that it's almost as cut-and-dried as Strasburg was last year. And they were fairly set on Strasburg well before the draft.

I know this for a fact: They've spent a lot more time with Harper than Taillon.

Thanks.  To Lodsdon's point, of COURSE they haven't "made a decision" yet, who would make a decision many weeks before the draft?  You don't make a final decision until all the information is in, which means including events, history and knowledge accumulated between now and June 7.  So I don't think Bill is saying anything that isn't already pretty obvious.