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Re: The Bryce Harper Watch
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Getting bent over by Boras is what happens when you suck enough to have the number one overall pick. It comes with the territory.

I can't speak to the level of competition that he's playing against, I have no idea. I'm surprised there haven't been more articles touching on that. It is pretty important to know who Harper is putting up these numbers on.

I don't care about his ego. He's 17, crushing college pitching, and the presumptive number one pick. I doubt he will breeze through the minor leagues without any struggles -- he can get his reality check there. I know Rizzo is a character guy, but I wonder how much he would factor in character with the number one overall pick.

Pretty much sums up my feelings.

As to the level of competition issue, who gives a rats ass if there are better high school leagues somewhere in America? How many high school leagues are playing with wood bats? Does anybody care if the kid hit a billion home runs or none? What I care about is will he be able to produce at a major league level.