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Re: The Bryce Harper Watch
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So, we have to pay $15m for a player that we ought to be able to get for $10m, who the F cares?

Lerners have slashed salaries once again, presumably for exactly this reason, to be able to draft and sign whoever the hell they want to.

I really don't give an F what the Lerners have to pay for whoever they draft, but I do think the other comments in the article are relevant.  I'm not against drafting Harper for the record, but a healthy dose of various opinions on the guy hurts no one.

With that said, there are two dynamics at work here.  Scott Boras fueling the hype behind the kid to shoot up his value and guarantee that he goes #1 AND other teams in the top 10 trying to say whatever they can to get the kid to fall to them in the draft.