Author Topic: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 3  (Read 33525 times)

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Re: Nationals vs. Phillies, Game 3
« Reply #150: September 10, 2009, 08:51:47 PM »
Well he's 2-for-3 with a run a double and a homer (4 RBI)

and on defense?

Bowden wasn't a total fool after all :lmao:

of course you are ready to put him(and Bowden) in the Hall of Fame after one game.

talk to me at the 2010 All-Star break. I'm reserving my criticism/praise until then. I was just curious how his Debut went.

anyway, at least we can maybe afford to stop with the Alberto Gonzalez crap and let Desmond play.

and god, I hate that smiley.