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Re: Nationals vs Phillies, Game 2
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just another perfect day in natstown.  can't wait to see how many season ticket holders will be there next year.

all we'll hear in the offseason and next year is "oh well we spent so much money to get stephen strasburg, we have another top pick in the 2010 draft and we're confident in our farm system ... i can't imagine us losing another 100 games".

we need two new starting pitchers (good ones, no more prospects or AAAA retreads), at least three-four bullpen arms, an everyday second baseman, a backup catcher that can actually contribute over long spurts of time and a manager who will rip this team to shreds when they need it and will go out and stand up for his players when the time is right. 

i just don't see most of that happening ... translation: we're freaked for 2010.