Author Topic: I think, we should look for a SS.  (Read 6909 times)

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I think, we should look for a SS.
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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
The only real way to improve and/or fix the SS problem is via a trade. I really don't see that happening. More like a bunch of temp fixes that wont cure the problem.

The shortstop position used to be one filled with catch-and-throw guys whose main focus was defense.  Any offence you got was considered a bonus.  (A Mark Belanger comes readily to mind.)  Problem with Guzman is that his defense - though steady - needs to be unbelievably spectacular in order to compensate for his utter lack of offense.  With him in the lineup, we are effectively conceding two outs at every turn in the order (8th & 9th hole).  Carroll certainly doesn't have the tools like Guzman, and neither is he the long-term answer at short, but at least he can do the little things to spark a team.  And, let's face it, on most nights all we're missing is just one more run crossing the plate.  Carroll gives us that chance.