Author Topic: I think, we should look for a SS.  (Read 6109 times)

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I think, we should look for a SS.
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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
If fixing the Guzman problem was only that easy... If you bench him, your only option is Carroll and when he plays every day, he becomes just as bad as Guzman, so using him as a (temp) Band-aid fix isn't the answer. Another option is to call up someone to play SS while you continue to use Carroll as the perfect come off the bench player he is. In New Orleans, the SS is Jason Bowers, who cant hit either, with the backup being Juan Melo, but he's like Carroll and doesn't play every day. At Harrisburg you have Melvin Dorta and Dan Dement, who's just another utility infielder.

It's not an all or nothing propostion, ie play Carroll every day and never play Guzman.  If we played Carroll a third of the time or half time, it would give us someone competent at bat 1/3 or 1/2 of the time.  Frank Robinson has to be smart about this.  Guzman clearly is clueless at bat.  We don't have enough offense to have him in the lineup everyday so we're going to have to platoon Carroll and Guzman in such a way that doesn't drive down Carroll's numbers but gives us competence at bat in the SS place.  Someone who'll occasionally get a hit.  Someone who'll walk sometimes.  Someone who'll drive in a run or two.  Someone who won't hit into double plays!  And if we score more runs, we can replace Carroll with Guzman in the lineup late in some games to give him a few extra at bats, in case that might help him.  We could have swept this Brewers series with a few more runs.

And a "bandaid" is exactly what we want.  We just want to get through the end of the season with solid play at SS and a competent bat in the lineup.  We can deal with the long term problem after the season.

We split LF between Byrd and Church.  We can do the same thing at SS.