Author Topic: I think, we should look for a SS.  (Read 6986 times)

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I think, we should look for a SS.
« Topic Start: July 18, 2005, 02:09:52 PM »
Maybe one of you Washington locals should simply walk over to Bowden, and tell him straight out... To either get rid of Guzman or end up losing fans.

Rolling eyes :roll:  If fixing the Guzman problem was only that easy... If you bench him, your only option is Carroll and when he plays every day, he becomes just as bad as Guzman, so using him as a (temp) Band-aid fix isn't the answer. Another option is to call up someone to play SS while you continue to use Carroll as the perfect come off the bench player he is. In New Orleans, the SS is Jason Bowers, who cant hit either, with the backup being Juan Melo, but he's like Carroll and doesn't play every day. At Harrisburg you have Melvin Dorta and Dan Dement, who's just another utility infielder.

The only real way to improve and/or fix the SS problem is via a trade. I really don't see that happening. More like a bunch of temp fixes that wont cure the problem.