Author Topic: I think, we should look for a SS.  (Read 6623 times)

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I think, we should look for a SS.
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Quote from: "Kenz aFan"
I think blaming Guzman is aiming at the wrong target, because the entire team hasn't been hitting. Over the course of the team's current slump, (3 wins in 11 games) the Nats are hitting .227 and the teams OBP is less than .280. Blaming one player is aiming really low...

Blaming them all, not just Guzman, because none of them has been remotely close to impressive.

I was one of those - perhaps the only one - who supported Guzman early on because I felt he needed time to adjust to the pitchers in a new league.  The grace period is over.  He should be benched.  Bowden may even be wise to designate him for assignment.  If he clears waviers, send him to the minors so he can learn to hit again.  Nobody was asking for Jeter-like numbers, but there is absolutely no excuse for this kind of pathetic production from Guzman.  If he was working the count a little more, making productive outs, then maybe...maybe he would be spared the wrath from Nats fans.  

Signing Guzman to a long-term contract seemed like such a great idea at the time...What went wrong?