Author Topic: I think, we should look for a SS.  (Read 6962 times)

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I think, we should look for a SS.
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Quote from: "tomterp"
I am not saying he is good or bad as a coach, I'm just saying it's not really fair to judge his overall effort based on the little sliver you can see during games.

Yes, I'm talking about during games. When I watch other teams play through the MLB.TV feeds, I will see the players talking with their hitting coach, (at least according to whoever might be announcing, and I have yet to see a player talk to him during a game. I cant say for sure that they don't because I've missed a lot of games while I was having technical problems with my MLB.TV access. But you'd think that in all the games I have seen, I would have at least seen one player talking with him.

Any hitting coach who isn't around during BP and talking to his hitters should be fired on the spot. Guys like Guzman need to be constantly remind to lay off the first pitch, because man, he looks like a Little Leaguer out there...