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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 1
« Reply #150: September 04, 2009, 10:08:56 PM »
What is all this twitter drama you speak of?  I don't do the twitter thing.

the Twitter portion of the Nats fanbase are not fans of Dibble. well, there are a few that aren't and are very outspoken about it.

of course, Dibble can't see that, since he blocked damn near every Nats Fan/Blogger from his Twitter account.

yet his sensitive ass continues to take potshots at Nats fans from Twitter, while he's too nagy to take a little criticism that he has to block anyone with a negative opinion. I'm shocked he hasn't blocked me yet, I guess I haven't outright offended him yet.

and this is what I was talking about before when I said Dibble was slowly turning into Phil Wood re: Internet Nats Fans.  now you are starting to really notice it, but it's been going on all season.