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Re: Nationals @ Padres, Game 2
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I'm not disputing that, but also keep in mind we did just lose essentially our top two guys in the lineup since Guz can't go everyday right now.  It's no coincidence the offense is struggling right now.  It was going pretty well with those two up there.  With the guys we have available to replace them, it's really no wonder the offense is struggling. 
we are better without Guzman. Morgan hurts but not this much. We shouldn't be 0-5 in these last 5 games without him.

It's guys like Dunn and Willingham that are killing us as much as anybody.

I can kind of understand getting shut down by Adam Wainwright but Mitchell Boggs, Tim Stauffer, Clayton Richard, etc?

This is repulsive.

Like I said. play all of the back-ups and young guys tomorrow. It's not like they can do any worse than this.