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Re: The "WNFF Meme" Thread
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What does it mean to Patterson somebody?

the namesake to this is John Patterson. in 2008, Patterson was supposedly coming back from forearm surgery. for all intents and purposes he was basically guaranteed a slot in the rotation, and was supposedly fully healthy, and just needed to get back into the rhythm of pitching. The team never gave any indication otherwise that his job was in any kind of jeopardy, even though he wasn't pitching as well as expected. as far as anyone, fans, media were concerned, he was just working his way back and was expected to start the season as the Opening Day Starter.

then suddenly and abruptly, he was released.

afterwards, within an argument about another player, it was suggested (by NOTLD i think), that the Nats should, and I quote, "PATTERSON HIS ASS!"

thus, Pattersoning was born.