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Re: The "WNFF Meme" Thread
« Reply #125: April 10, 2012, 03:08:27 PM »
In the Hardware/OS Geek Thread.

I've got 64 gig in my computer... Had a program that had a memory leak a while back, and before I figured out it was crappy code, thought it was my PC just needing more memory. But you'd be surprised how often I look and see its using more than half of the 64 gig, obviously not using that program I was talking about but still far more than most people run. And my PC has an uptime of 37 days right now, so obviously never rebooting is another reason I use memory like a two dollar hooker. Still... You can never go wrong with upgrading your memory. More memory is always a good thing,

Nowadays, with the OS using so damn much memory, I'd think you'd notice issues with only 8gig. I'd definitely think its worth your money to upgrade to 16. Of course, when Windows 8 comes out, what with it being made to run on tablets and all that crap, we'll probably for the first time in history see an OS that actually downgrades memory requirements and doesn't hog memory with visual crap, like widgets on the desktop or animated desktops and crap that seems to just blatantly eat memory on current PCs. So maybe you just hold out for Windows 8 and if memory is an issue now, and 8gb isn't enough memory, with Windows 8 it'll be sufficient.