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Re: Nationals @ Cubs, Game 2
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Like some arguments we have, this goes beyond statistics.

For Example of last nights performance and A certain Hanrahan weekend:

Sosa came in for an inning and gave up 6 runs... Over the season here that adds up his era for ONE GAME, thats one game worth of damage.

Hanrahan came in for 3 games and blew each one on his own giving the Nats 3 losses.

3 losses to 1 unreachable win.

I'm just giving a crappy example but I agree with you, they're both destructive to this team and we should get rid of Sosa like we did Hanrahan. (well not trade but just DFA his ass)
Yeah, I was just trying to say they both suck...which I don't think anybody was actually trying to argue.