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Re: Nationals @ Cubs, Game 2
« Reply #575: August 27, 2009, 10:23:54 AM »
I'm not denying Sosa's bad, but SF has short-term memory loss if he thinks Hanrahan was better.

I was trying to ask a sarcastic question and now I realize it didn't come off as that. Hanrahan is far worse but Sosa is equally as helpless here than anyone.

Hanrahan was better.

Sosa is the worst of the worst. It's unreal how bad and how unintelligent he is.

Are you going on this based from last night? Than if so, Yes, Sosa did far worse than Hanrahan did for us last night...

On the season? Hanrahan takes the prize. He lost us 3 GAMES IN A ROW. Thats just one thing hes done for us out of the other mistakes and bullcrap innings hes done here in a nats uni.

Sosas been here short term. I hope we get rid of him so he doesn't compare to Hanrahans damage.