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Re: Hardware/OS Geek Thread
« Reply #300: October 23, 2009, 05:16:28 PM »
one thing I do despise though, is Apple fanboys. ugh, they piss me off.

they think that just because they own a Mac, and use an Iphone that they are 100% better/cooler than everyone in the general population.  totally intolerant of other people's choices of computer/OS/musicplayer/phone use.

I'm generalizing, yes. not all of them are like that.

but a good quantity, from what I have seen, look down on anyone who uses Windows  as if they are the scum of the earth because they haven't bought a Mac yet.  the haughty attitude i am talking about is exemplified in those ridiculously annoying "I'm a Mac" ads.

I've never used a Mac, and I never will.

call me petty, but it's not Apple's products that turn me off to Apple. Apple's products are probably awesome.  It's Apple's fanboys. I wish not to be associated with them in any feasible way. Yes, that's a petty reason to never touch a Mac or an Ipod. but i don't care.

they are the Yankees Fans of the Tech World. and I'm not wearing any Yankees gear.

I once asked a guy why I would want to switch to using a Mac, and he spend 30 minutes telling me everything that was wrong with Windows and Microsoft and Bill Gates, and nothing about what is right with Mac and Apple. annoying as hell and did nothing to convince me that I need to get a Mac.

no offense to the apple fanboys on the board. you guys are all cool in my book. its your buddies from elsewhere i don't like.