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Re: Hardware/OS Geek Thread
« Reply #300: October 23, 2009, 04:39:02 PM »
It's officially Windows 6.1, not Windows 7.

Also, let me know when linux kernel 3.0 comes out - but 2.6 vs. 2.4 is a hell of a lot different.

Wait, which point am I arguing? :lmao:

Wow, awesome for you, you know how to use the winver command!  Guess you missed when I said (and I quote): "it's an incremental kernel upgrade, not a new kernel"

Come again?  "Windows 7" = marketing speak.  But I guess Linux wouldn't know anything about that since, y'know, they don't HAVE a market on the desktop :rimshot:

Um, There have been plenty of "new versions" of any number of Linux distros since the original release of the 2.6 kernel, champ.  I guess I should go around lamenting that they aren't really new OSes every chance I get, right? :roll:

random comment - Chief gets snippy when someone says something that could be considered a slight towards windows.

I stick up for Windows, yes.  Somebody's got to.  As far as getting snippy goes, I'm in no worse company than all the Linux and Mac hacks who can't seem to get through one waking day without making some kind of obtuse remark about the supposed inferiority of Windows and who then proceed to blame it on "M$" when shown the worldwide market share of major operating systems on the desktop.


All of this relates to desktop OS, not server.