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Re: Hardware/OS Geek Thread
« Reply #300: October 23, 2009, 04:24:25 PM »
Windows 7 installer was nice enough to tell me to deauthorize iTunes before continuing.

That's pretty cool.  I always forget to do that.  Thankfully I make backup images fairly regularly, so it's not too hard to juggle them if I need to deactivate after the fact.

Probably because it's just an enhancement and not a new OS.

Right, and XP was just an enhancement to 2000, every version of OSX since the initial release is just an enhancement, and every version of Ubuntu ever is just an enhancement (every 6 months baby!) :lol:  The correct answer was "probably because it's an incremental kernel upgrade, not a new kernel"


Me, personally, only 2. One has Windows 7 on it (64 bit; in repair due to crappy display) and the other has Vista Enterprise (32 bit).

I have a valid Windows 7 Pro (x64) key and a valid Windows 7 Pro (x86) key.

But I was going to put it on some of my family members' PCs if they wanted it.

Up to you.  I've never tried to "max out" a single key, so I don't know if/when they'll cut you off.