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Re: Nationals @ Cubs, Game 1
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Debbi Taylor is terrible. Dukes gave one of the better interviews of the year and she acted like she wasn't even paying attention.
she has to go in the off-season.

Debbi: you haven't faced Aaron Heilman before, what was your approach?
Dukes: I was looking off-speed. I was going up there with the intent to drive the off-speed pitch the other way.

Debbi: you have 21 RBIs in your last 19 games. situational hitting is something you have really improved on. why is that?
Dukes: I want to be that guy. I like to be up there with guys on base. It's not much pressure on me, it's more pressure on the pitcher to keep the runners from scoring.

Debbi: How did the fans treat you out in RF?
Dukes: oh, they good. they sort of respect me after a while. they were just telling me that it was all out of love. I appreciate that but without the fans getting on me I'd probably be flat-footed all game.