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Re: Nationals vs. Brewers, Game 4
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Yes, I've seen our schedule.  I know we're not very good.  I'm not even trying to make that claim, I'm just saying that right now, at this point in the season, the Royals are worse.  I see a lot of both teams.  The Nats actually can score runs. Neither team has a pitching staff, much less a bullpen. 
fair enough. I haven't watched the Royals much this year so you know them better than me. I know Greinke has cooled off.

The Nats can score runs some days but other days they are just as hapless as some of the worst offensive teams in baseball (see: Padres).

The Nats have no rotation and no bullpen. By far the worst in baseball.

We will see who is the worst team when the Nats go 10-27 over their last 37 games of this dreadful season. :(