Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 2 (Curly W)  (Read 11127 times)

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Quote from: "spidernat"
I guess I'm just stupid because you say I never get what you're saying. I never said FR was blameless, but a lot of you blame him daily for this team being so bad, and you are one of them and you are also the one that said he shouldn't get any credit in the unlikely scenario that they turned things around. Maybe you're the one that misses the point because you have taken this fire FR thing personally.

Having said that, some of you criticize others for stating their opinion and calling you out for your opinions and even resort to name calling. If it bothers you that much to have someone use sarcasm to make a poitn than I guess I have no business engaging in this forum. You guys can keep your precious space where you can say anything you want, even when it has little merit, without having anyone express an opposing opinion. And no need to write it dude, I guess I missed your point again!

um...what the hell are you babbling about?

I don't blame Frank daily for anything. I only blame him when he makes a bad decision.  that's all.  just like I blame Guillen when he grounds out with RISP.  Just like I Blame Bowden when he makes a stupid trade.  

 if you want to express an "opposing opinion" then that's fine.  nothing wrong with it.  but don't get mad when your opposing opinion gets debated and criticized.

nothing here bothers me, and I don't take anything personally. it's really not that serious.  you are acting like saying to Fire Frank is a personal insult or something, and it's really not that serious.

and please, quit it with the "some of you" when it is obvious that you are talking to me.  just say "You."  k?

and when I say you missed the point, it is because you did. multiple times.  I said in another thread that I hoped one of the Radio Stations become more than just a Redskins 24/7 station, and you went off on a tangent about how I think it is wrong to be a Redskins fan.  that, my friend, is missing the point.

if the whole situation bothers you that much, we can end the discussion, and not talk about it again. I am perfectly fine with that.

now, back to the game.