Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 2 (Curly W)  (Read 11120 times)

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Quote from: "spidernat"

So FR is to blame for the bad stuff but if they resurge and make the WC he gets no credit? That's been my point all along. I blame him for his faults but it's not entirely him that's to be blamed. Baseball skippers are overrated by the media and a lot of people fall for that BS.

no. wrong. missed the point. AGAIN.

I'm saying if Frank is blameless for failures, then he should NOT get credit for successes.  if he gets credit for successes, then he should be held accountable for failures as well.  

nobody is saying that he's to blame for EVERYTHING ENTIRELY.  but he IS to blame for CERTAIN things.  he's not blameless, and it is not wrong to blame him for things that he is accountable for.  he does not make the pitches or swing the bat, so that is up to the players execution.   but he DOES decide WHO makes the pitches and WHO swings the bat, and WHEN they do it.  that's a managerial decision, and he should TOTALLY be held accountable for it.  THAT is my point.

with that, the Fire Frank talk should cease, because we're ruining the game thread. :)