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Re: Nationals vs Brewers, Game 2
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I'm a little pissed at the team management right now. Lots of people walked up after the first couple innings when they were sure the rain was over. All the 5 dollar and even 10 dollar tickets went to jerks that took their bobbleheads and went home. The cheapest they had left after the 2nd inning were 20 dollar tickets - lots of people found that out and walked away. Down 8-2 after a 2hr rain delay and they wanted 20 bucks to get in. Idiotic move after $1 ticket day. Luckily a kind soul with 2 extra tickets gave us some for a friend that tagged along - the lone scalper wanted 25 bucks for his crappy seats.

I was impressed again by the genial staff though.

the ticket prices are set, so they aren't going to chop down the price just b/c of conditions (score, weather, etc).  i know what you are saying, but i understand why they don't decrease the price.