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Re: Nationals vs Brewers, Game 2
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We have NO depth off the bench.

Morse is never used, hasn't even played in the field yet IIRC.
Padilla is minor league trash and the ONLY reason we called him up was to be nice guys
Willie has a nice OBP and is good at defense, he's a decent option.
Bard kinda sucks. Hitting like .230
Belliard only hits home runs and extra base hits, he's been solid in August but still is overall sub-par.
Gonzalez's DP in the first inning was a dagger and a light-hitting .260 hitter is nothing.

As far as I'm concerned, the only player on the above list who should be on the bench next year is Willie. Why we have Padilla up here instead of someone like Maxwell (who isn't great, but is at least a prospect) is beyond me.

If we still play Padilla in September I'm going to be furious. September should be constant starts for guys like Maxwell (RF), Desmond (SS, 2B?), Morse (anywhere, probably 2B). And we'd better not see Sosa coming into games if we call up some younger guys like Wilkie (unlikely, since we LOVE the journeymen).