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Re: Nationals vs Brewers, Game 1
« Topic Start: August 21, 2009, 05:35:40 PM »
I just got my Roku player today right before I had to head off to work.  The thing is the height of awesome!  I have it hooked up to my SD tv right now, and Netflix content looks easily to be of DVD quality over my wifi connection.  I haven't tried the Amazon Video On Demand yet.

But the best thing is the beta "channel" of  You can watch live streaming games on your TV if you have an subscription (as long as you are out of market).  But the bonus for me is that you can watch any of the archived games from the previous week too (no blackout restrictions) so I can watch the replay of every Nats game after work each night without having to worry whether MASN will play the O's replay or Nats replay, and not having to watch it on my MacBook Pro.  You can also choose between either team's feed for each game.

I checked out a little of last night's game on the archive and the quality on a regular SD TV is top notch.  I hope tonight's game is a good one so I can look forward to watching the archive when I get home tonight.  Best $99 device I have ever purchased.

And BTW, still, WHERE THE freak IS MORSE!?