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Re: Nationals vs Rockies, Game 2
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No it's not me, but a lot of these posts do look like my work :lmao:

I think I'm just tired of getting drawn into Nieves is the best backup catcher in baseball, Gonzalez is the answer at 2nd and Bernadina is a hall of fame centerfielder based on his pedestrian minor league numbers arguments. 

And yeah I would love if Flores could be the guy at catcher, but he isn't giving us Nats fans a lot of faith thanks to his inability to stay healthy.  The guy is still untested, I just hope he's the kind of player everyone makes him out to be.
why do people twist my stances?

Nieves is a decent back-up catcher and nothing more. until we get someone better it is his job to lose.

Gonzalez is a back-up infielder on this team. Not a starter. He can do some things off the bench for us.

Bernadina has big league potential. I just hope he recovers from the injury and doesn't let it derail his career (See: Cory VanAllen).