Author Topic: Penn State @ UVA in 2012  (Read 2715 times)

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Re: Penn State @ UVA in 2012
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No, of course not. The hotels wouldn't let you book that far out anyway. I meant "game date" as when the specific date (month and day) is announced. Usually for UVA games that's in either late January or early February of the year in which the game will be played, EXCEPT that sometimes when it's an out-of-conference opponent the date leaks earlier because the opponent's athletic department lists it somewhere. For example, the date of last year's game against USC was known well in advance because USC had confirmed it, even though UVA hadn't. For some reason UVA tends to treat the information about the OOC games like a state secret and it's extremely annoying. Next year's game at USC is reportedly going to be on September 11, but UVA won't confirm that.

Yeah the PSU page is where I found the matchup - pretty sure it had a date listed.