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Re: Nationals @ Braves, Game 2
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but he is a terrible pitcher. just as bad as Colome. I can't believe you are defending his dumb ass. I'm embarrassed that he is on our roster and is pitching in a Nationals uniform. sinful.

Novoa rocking a 1.00 ERA in AAA (9 K and 3 BB in 9 IP).

Wilkie has a 2.35 ERA in AAA (7 K and 1 BB 7.2 IP).

what has he done for us?!?!  succeeded!  ya know what if he starts to suck then he'll suck.  but up until this point, he has done his job ... better than some of the others that were shipped out.  based on his track record it won't last, but still for now he has been serviceable and that's what i'm arguing.

if it were up to you, you'd have a under 25 team.  that'd be hilarious.